Zimbra and Ubuntu Upgrade

Currently running Zimbra (free) 8.6.0 1194. 1194 was a patch and there have been later patches released for 8.6.0, but weren’t installed. The OS is currently running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Zimbra 8.6.0 is not available for Ubuntu 16.04. I had tried to upgrade the OS to 16.04, but it failed miserably and resorted to a VM restore. I will need to upgrade Zimbra to 8.7 and above before upgrading the OS.

Upgrade of Zimbra to 8.7 requires memcache and proxy to be installed first. To do this, I will need to reinstall 8.6.0. and select the options to install memcache and proxy. The 8.6.0 version available to download is I’m not sure it’s necessary, but I will install the available patch, which is now 1242. There is a comment in the release notes that the web client will say Network, but to ignore it and it will still be the free open source version.

After the installation of memcach and proxy with 8.6.0, repeat the install process, but with 8.7.0

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