I’m a Veralite controller user since 2014 and Veraplus user since 2016. I mainly use zwave outlets and smart switches. When I moved from CA to MO in 2019 I brought with me the outlets and smart switches, but I have only installed one outlet since I’m in a rental.

Mailbox Sensor

Ecolink Door/Window Sensor (DWZWAVE2.5-ECO)

Bought on Amazon for $30 in April 2020. The plastick mailbox is about 70 feet away from the closest indoors ZWave outlet. The sensor is inside the mailbox with the magnet on the door. I have a scene that sends a luup command to a TTS device when the mailbox is opened.

TTS plug-in for Vera

Currently, this is not an app to download from the Install Apps page. The luup files are downloaded from Daniele Bochicchi’s github and uploaded via Develop Apps page. It requires replacing the cookie file (.alexa.cookie) often due to Amazon multi-factor authentication turned on. The files are based on alexa-remote-control in github.