I’m using GhettoVCB to backup my ESXi 7.0 (free version) to an NFS share. The NFS share is advertised by a VM on the ESXi host using a pass-through USB device for storage.

File Locations

0 5 * * * /opt/ghettovcb/bin/ -f /vmfs/volumes/DS_02/Scripts/vms_to_backup -g /vmfs/volumes/DS_02/Scripts/ghettoVCB.conf > /dev/null

Restart cron
kill -$(cat /var/run/

NFS uses TCP and UDP port 2049, so they are allowed through firewall

Backup one VM using m option
./opt/ghettovcb/bin/ -m [vm] -g /vmfs/volumes/DS_02/Scripts/ghettoVCB.conf



I recently installed GNS3 as a VM on my ESXi server (free version). I did this to study for the new CCNA and Encore certs. I then run a GNS3 client on my Mac that connects to the VM. I’m limited on how many nodes I can have running in a project, because it becomes memory intensive on the server.

I’m running GNS3 server version 2.2.16

I recently upgraded my Macbook. OS X Big Sur has an issue with GNS3 client and will not start. I started using the GNS3 web gui http://[GNS3 server IP]:3080. This is working well for me, but occasionally the project will close. I’m guessing it’s a resource issue so I limit the number of nodes I turn on and save often.

I know it’s not secure, but I configured the Untangle firewall to allow port 3080 to the GNS3 server. The policy is only allowing my work’s public IP range. This is so I can access GNS3 web gui from work without using a VPN.

Home Automation

Alexa says, mailbox open

Using a vera text to speech (TTS) plugin, I’m able to have Alexa announce when the mailbox has been opened.